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The world of commodities has never been more fast-paced and complex than it is today. Market fluctuations due to external factors such as exchange rates, weather, government policies and global disruptions are greater than ever before.

With information available from many news and data sources, commodity professionals will benefit greatly if these data sets are simplified, aggregated, and presented to provide a clear perspective of the market and internal business positions at any given point in time.

Commodity Screen combines commodity data and relevant market news in a web-based software application to help users optimize decisions. The tool offers an intuitive interface and state-of-the-art visualization helping simplify complex data sets.

In addition to data aggregation, Commodity Screen offers a comprehensive analytics solution to integrate market data with internal budgets & KPIs making it a single resource for all intelligence. Additional data and modules are developed and tailored to the needs of each client such as visual interfaces for information inventory positions, trade volumes, etc.

Commodity Screen is an end-to-end service assisting in research and analysis of both the industry on a macro level and of the business on a micro level - all in a practical and user-friendly application.

Client Quotes

"We had very special requirements, but the Commodity Screen team was able to implement our specific KPIs quickly."
Commodity trader

"Before we started using Commodity Screen, all our data sat in different applications and places. Having all of this data visualized in only one application allows us to spend less time looking for the right data, and more time using it to manage our business."
Executive of a leading commodity company

"It's easy-to-use interface is Commodity Screen’s strength. It´s much easier to get to what you need quickly and saves us a lot of time."
Director of Strategic Advisory specialised in the Metals and Mining Industry